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What see

If Veneto is the first tourist region in Italy, this is due to the incredible variety of its cultural and landscape identity and the consequent variety in the offer: to enrich our region with their history, beauty and charm, we cannot fail to mention the walled cities and their villages.

Imagine also walled cities or thermal cities of insurmountable beauty where you can spend moments of pure relaxation, perhaps thinking about the well-being of body and mind, all of this is offered by the splendid territory of Padua.

What to see around Monselice

The territory of Monselice is truly incredible and able to fascinate anyone.

Padua includes the famous Euganean Hills Park, an area of volcanic origin in "slow mode" dotted with over one hundred green hills rich in landscapes unique in the world where extraordinary medieval villages stand to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

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Arqua Petrarch

Villa Barbarigo in Galzignano Terme

Time seems to have stopped in Arquà Petrarca, the center of the Euganean Hills which, more than all the others, maintains the ancient charm of medieval villages unchanged. Its name perhaps derives from Arquata montium, which means "cloister of the mountains", but it owes its notoriety to the eternal fame of Francesco Petrarca, the poet who spent the last years of his life there.

Venice is the precious gem of world tourism. The city that we could define as a dream on water tells and releases an unparalleled charm in every corner. Venice hypnotizes in the labyrinthine interweaving of streets and canals, on its bridges, with the sumptuous palaces overlooking the Grand Canal.

The splendid villa was purchased in the 15th century by the Contarini family, and then passed on to that of the Barbarigos at the end of the 16th century, to whom we owe the creation of the famous Barbarigo-Pizzoni Ardemani Garden which extends over an area of no less than 150,000 square metres.

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Abano Terme


Padua is a cultured, rich and devout city: you will easily realize this by visiting its most famous attractions. It is also a city of pleasure, which after many hours of work allows itself a well-deserved break at spritz time. Between culture and good life, there are so many things to see in Padua

City of eternal love, a trip to Verona is a dive into a city on a human scale, full of elegance and which will allow you to discover the places of the famous Shakespearean tragedy. Born on the banks of the Adige and of Roman origin, Verona has an important past.

The splendid Venetian town of Abano Terme, immersed in a natural setting that is nothing short of enchanting like that of the Euganean hills, has always been considered one of the most famous spa resorts in the Veneto region

In the surroundings of Monselice there are walled cities, spa towns and beautiful medieval villages where time has stopped in the true sense of the word and are just a few kilometers from the city.